Staying in touch this summer

Never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up. Jesse Jackson

18th July 2020

This summer…

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am mindful of the following as the summer holiday approaches and after a period of such turmoil and challenge for everyone:

  • Our families and children who get into difficulty and need help and support over the holiday;
  • Our leavers transitioning to college and training;
  • New pupils joining our community in September;
  • Current pupils moving to new schools;
  • The anxiety some families and children feel about returning to school.


I have shared with you the importance too of the team resting and recovering over the holiday but pragmatically and necessarily there will and must be a small group of us there for you if you need us: please then if you do email of text me 07848 028341.

We have been working this year with a very skilled and supportive outreach team CST: Sam; Sarah; Stacey and Neil and they will be checking-in and working with some of you and made available to others where families are finding things very tough.

Please if you have a social worker or family practitioner already supporting you they are the starting point for help and for some families who do not have that support but need help letters alerting you to activities and support over the holiday will arrive soon from Devon County Council.

For me the most important thing is if you are one of those families listed above and you are struggling or worried or anxious it is vital you do not feel isolated and disconnected from us and that you can seek our help and reassurance; my hope is because that offer is there it will ease those anxieties and allow you all to have a safe and happy summer holiday.

I will be writing to you occasionally over the holiday period just to remind you we are here, to gently encourage you to seek our help if you need it and to update you on reopening in September.

Yours sincerely,