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“The place is transformed from when I was last there.... And that's testament to incredible skill and dedication.”

  Visiting headteacher 02.03.16

"Fab but what a fantastic way to start a week at school...Really appreciate all you all do as it's so lovely to finally send my son off to school happy and looking forward to it, that's a great feeling."


                                                                                                  Parent 23.05.16

"Dear Sir, I write with reference to your recent visit to our restaurant at McDonald’s Marsh Barton on the 19/05/2016. It has been bought to my attention by my customer host Kate how wonderfully behaved and well-mannered your students conducted themselves whilst visiting our restaurant. Please can you pass on this positive feedback to your students. Thank you for your visit we hope to see you again soon."

Amelia Evans Shift Manager

“The respect that the staff had for the pupils: So many times during my visit I heard the staff telling the boys that they could achieve just as well as anyone. This worked particularly well when real life examples were given, e.g. boys achieving college places or the number of questions they could already answer on a GCSE paper.”

Master’s student  on placement 10.03.15

"My kid brother was at Barley Lane, and you guys did so much for him: our family love you!" He is really bright: he used to really hate that, until he went to Barley Lane; now he's really happy with it.”

Student`s older brother 12.02.15

After 12 years of being the school nurse at Barley Lane, it is a wrench to give it up. The school is a wonderful community that provides, in my opinion, fantastic support, nurturing and education to some of the most challenging young people. I have always felt supported and welcomed by the school staff and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

School nurse April 2016

“I would just like to say thanks heaps for all the help and support you give all of us. You guys truly are a fantastic school and I'm so glad my son is with you all. You’re doing a fab job teaching my little boy, he's coming on in leaps and bounds and that's all down to you guys and all the support you give him.”

Parent 01.07.15

“The extraordinary willingness to be creative in achieving what the child needs and going the extra mile on many levels, at many times and in many different ways.”

Student’s social worker 08.06.15

The quality of teaching and learning is good and continues to improve. High expectations prevail… trust, respect and belonging permeate the school

Ofsted December 2017

“The school has a positive ethos and moral basis…The students know that the staff care for them…They were polite, respectful and responsive at all times. One of the visiting team commented that no smile went unreturned.”

SENTIENT/Babcock LDP peer review 2016

“Positive relationships, genuine warmth and affection; - interest; expectations; rewards; praise; positivity and knowledge of needs”

SENTIENT/Babcock LDP peer review March 2019

“You help emerging leaders to develop their experiences, confidence and skills. They work diligently to support their colleagues. The staff team stands solidly with you. Many expressed thanks for the guidance you provide…They work (emerging leaders) diligently to support their colleagues. The staff team stands solidly with you. Many expressed thanks for the guidance you provide. We agreed that this emerging leadership team, including middle leaders, is now ready to take an even wider role in evaluating aspects of the school’s effectiveness.”

Ofsted December 2017

“Wants to be first one in every day…Made friends which he never did before because they were scared of his behaviour but seems to fit in better here…He thinks the world of you (Miss Barrett)….School has done him wonders…Haven’t felt this positive in years, used to dread the school run…Everyone I’ve met has been positive happy and smiley”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“He’s coming home quite happy…The schools doing very well and we’re quite happy”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“Being taught in different ways has been helpful. Miss Miah is helpful and nice. 1:1 with Miss Parr is really good…he loves school and likes to wake up early and be ready in plenty of time. He loves the activities and rewards that the school offers.”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“There are three members of staff I can talk to when I’m in a pickle. Being in a smaller class now is helping. I use the quiet room to be left alone sometimes if I am anxious. I enjoy being in school. In the future I want to be able to carry on at BLS.”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“The counselling sessions at school have been really helpful. I have also had support from other members of staff. Going on Firebreak and Duke of Edinburgh has helped.”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“He really enjoys school now whereas he didn’t like his old school. He comes home happy and has good things to say about the pupils and staff…He is doing incredibly well since being here. Really likes the school, particularly Miss Harber and Miss Barrett...I love the positive spin you can put on otherwise bad days.”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

“I think you’re doing brilliantly…He’s been happy and achieving really well…He’s lovely when he’s home because he’s had a good day…Had a dip in his use of bad language when he first started but it was just an adjustment period and now his behaviour have really improved”

Parents’ feedback narrative 2018-19

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